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29: What is REAL WINE? (According To Ray Isle) – #029

What is "REAL" wine? You may be wondering what that even means -- isn't ALL wine "real"? Well, maybe -- but according to Food&Wine magazine's Executive Wine Editor Ray...

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28: Maximilian Riedel On Why Your Wine Glass Matters – #028

Using the same glass to drink red wines, white wines, and pink wines -- while switching to a "Champagne" flute for sparkling wines, is not the best way to...

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27: What You Should Know About Wine Ratings with W.R. Tish – #027

If you've been to a wine shop and seen a numerical rating on a wine -- such as a 90-point score -- you may be wondering if that's a...

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26: Exploring Other Italian Wines with Wanda Mann – #026

It's time for you to explore Italian wine beyond Chianti, Pinot Grigio, and Prosecco, because there is tremendous bang for your buck to be discovered. Professional wine journalist and...

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Aurelio Montes, Jr. Would Like You To Try Carmenere – #025

If you've never had a Carmenere wine, maybe the man who makes the best one in the world can convince you to try it. Aurelio Montes, Jr. -- a...

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24: Hot Weather Wines with Jacqueline Coleman – #024

Want to drink wines that beat the heat? Listen to wine expert and radio personality Jacqueline Coleman discuss the wines she chooses living year-round in Miami, Florida. In addition...

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