Tuscan Wines Explained By Giovanni Folonari

If you find wine from Italy confusing, and/or want to get a better understanding of wines from Tuscany, then this is the episode for you.

Listen to show host Joe Janish get the download on Tuscan wines from winemaker Giovanni Folonari, whose family has been making wine in Tuscany for over 100 years.

Giovanni explains the following:

– the differences between Chianti, Chianti Classico, and Chianti Classico Riserva

– the new Chianti designation: Gran Selezione, and why Italians insist on confusing the world

– when and why you should choose from these different types of Chianti (hint: it has something to do with what you’re eating)

– how a winemaker can get arrested for breaking Italian wine laws (it’s true — you can!)

– where the term “Super Tuscan” came from, and what it means

– why the term “Super Tuscan” might mean nothing at all

– what “Super Tuscans” you might enjoy, and why

– how to choose Tuscan wines

– the simplest, fool-proof rule for pairing food with Tuscan wine (or any wine, for that matter)

And much more.


Giovanni Folonari bio – https://insidewine.cc/gfolonari

Tenute Folonari – https://www.tenutefolonari.com/en/

More about this episode on Wine365 – https://wine365.us/gfpodcast

The photo of Giovanni Folonari accompanying this episode is copyright Angelo Trani.

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