Why Wait To Celebrate? Todd Lipman Explains Why Champagne Is Great Every Day – #008

You don’t need a special occasion to open a bottle of Champagne, and sommelier / Champagne expert Todd Lipman explains why in this episode of Inside Wine Podcast.

Todd also gives you all the information you need to choose the right Champagne — every time.

A few of the topics that are covered in this episode include:

– Non-vintage Champagne explained – and why it’s where you should start when buying Champagne

– What makes vintage Champagne special, and what you should know before investing in, and enjoying it

– What factors to consider when deciding to put a Champagne in your cellar for aging or to drink it immediately

– The best ways to drink Champagne, including which vessel is best (you’ll be surprised by what Todd uses when he takes a walk in the park!)

– How to properly open a bottle of Champagne, and why it shouldn’t make a loud “pop”

– What a rodent has to do with opening Champagne (yes, rodent, that’s not a typo)

– How to avoid a Champagne mishap

– Ideal food pairings with Champagne

– How and why you could drink Champagne from the beginning of a meal through the end

– Todd thoroughly explains which styles of Champagne can work with specific dishes

– Why the best pairing might be fried chicken topped with caviar

– Understanding the various styles of Champagne – from Brut, Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Extra Dry, Demi-sec, and Doux — and how the French are messing with you by using some of these terms

– The three main grapes used in making Champagne and how they affect the flavor

– Explanation of “house style” and why you should pay attention to it

– and much more!

If you wondering why you should trust Todd Lipman, here are his credentials:

– Certified Sommelier since 2008 – 3-Time Winner of the Best Sommelier in Boston Award – Former Wine Director and Current Senior Wine Advisor and Director of Sommelier Programming for Nantucket Wine & Food Festival – Wine Director of the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival – 23 years in the restaurant business (13 dedicated to wine & beverage) – Award-winning wine programs at Bistro du Midi in Back Bay and The Boston Harbor Hotel (Boston’s waterfront) – Most recently Sommelier-in-Residence at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, MA

You can follow Todd on Instagram @toddlipman (https://www.instagram.com/toddlipman/)

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