003: Does Wine REALLY Get Better With Age?

You’ve seen the internet memes, t-shirts, bumper stickers, or birthday cards that say “like a fine wine, I get better with age.” But is it true that wine gets better with age?

Host Joe Janish explains:

– 99% of all wine at a retail shop should be consumed within 2 years

– Wine has no expiration date, but it has a vintage date — and that’s what will help you understand how long a wine can be kept

– Wines with no vintage date should be drunk immediately (or left on the store shelf)

– A little-known fact about vintage dates that will wow your friends — even the wine geeks!

“The Vintage Rules”

To help you know which vintages to buy and which to avoid, you will learn hard and fast rules to apply to white, rose, sparkling, and red wines. Yes, there are exceptions, but these general rules of thumb will work well for you in almost every situation.

Aging wine: yes, some wines can get better with age, and you’ll learn which ones. Also, you’ll learn that those wines don’t necessarily have to be aged — it’s all a matter of taste.