There is absolutely no shame in not finishing an entire bottle of wine — especially if you’re drinking alone. Before you pour what’s left down the drain or guzzle a glass for no reason other than “not letting it go to waste,” consider that you CAN save the wine for another day — and if you store it properly, it’ll taste almost as good, if not as good, the next time you drink it (in fact, some wines taste even better after being opened).


Learn about the best ways to keep leftover wine tasting fresh and delicious by listening to episode #18 of Inside Wine Podcast.


Key points from the episode:


How air (oxygen), humidity, temperature, light, and odors must be managed

Why different types of wine are stored differently

Why all colors of wine are stored the same

The “half-bottle trick”

What to do if you didn’t listen to any of the advice from the episode


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Remember, wine is food, it comes from a place, enjoy it responsibly.