16: Your Wine Is Too Warm – Anthony Giglio’s Temperature Tantrum

This is part 2 of a two-part conversation with wine educator/entertainer/empowerer Anthony Giglio. While this episode stands on its own, if you enjoy it, you’ll want to give a listen to part one, which is episode 15, “How To Judge A Wine In 3 Sips.”

When it comes to wine, does size matter? Not sure, but temperature sure does!

How warm — or cold — that a wine is, will affect your enjoyment (or non-enjoyment) of it, explains Anthony Giglio.

Contrary to popular belief — and the recommendation of too many “experts” — red wine should NEVER be served “room temperature” and white wine is not necessarily served “cold” (it depends on what one means by “cold”).

Anthony explains why you probably need to drop your next bottle of red wine — even if it’s an aged or expensive one — into an ice bucket for five minutes. He’ll also help you understand why white wines are often served too cold.

In the early 2000s, Anthony Giglio visited over a dozen of the top restaurants in New York City to take the temperature of their wines. His resulting article in Esquire concluded that even the very top destinations served their red wines too warm. The backlash triggered a revolution in how wine would be stored and served in Manhattan and beyond.  Anthony tells the backstory and front-story of that article, and why it mattered so much toward changing the way people thought about wine temperature.

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And then there is his UH-MAZING performance on The Moth, that you absolutely must hear. We’ll talk a bit about it in the second part of this conversation in episode 16, but in the meantime you can hear it here: https://themoth.org/storytellers/anthony-giglio

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Remember, wine is food, it comes from a place, enjoy it responsibly.